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Our famous 18x24” 117-lb

Super Drawing Paper

in 250 Sheet Packs

Molly Hawkins

250 Sheets for the Price of 200 Sheets

NEW ITEM--Not In Catalog Write it in on your orders!
50 Sheets FREE! (18x24” Sheets) LOOK:


    Item #          # Sheets          List           Teacher’s Price
    117LB-250   250                  114.56      57.56
    117LB-100   100                  57.56         28.78 (200=57.56)


A 117LB-100 (100 sheets) net cost is 28.78… 

so two units (200 sheets) sell for 57.56.
Gives you 250 sheets for the price of 200!

117LB (a full ream of 500 sheets 18x24”) weighs 58 pounds (a bit heavy).

Now every 117LB will come as two 117LB-250’s500 sheets in two lighter weight boxes. It’s a SMART IDEA! Easier to handle…only 29 pounds per box. 


And the 117LB price for 500 sheets remains the samethe best deal at only 102.74.

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