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Is your product and brand being showcased and promoted in the best way?

In today's competitive food and beverage market, getting your product and brand showcased and promoted and into shopping carts is more challenging than ever. At ChefsUSA, we've perfected the art of showcasing brands and products in a way that resonates with consumers and drives sales. Here's why partnering with us can ensure your product and brand are being promoted in the best possible way:

Expert In-Store Demonstrations

Our team of over 175 professional chefs doesn't just cook – they sell. With extensive culinary expertise and specialized sales training, our chefs create memorable experiences that connect shoppers with your brand. By demonstrating how to use your products in delicious, nutritious meals, we make it easy for consumers to envision your brand as part of their daily lives.

Nationwide Reach

With demonstrations in grocery stores across the USA, we offer unparalleled access to your target market. Our presence in multiple locations allows us to adapt our approach to regional tastes and preferences, ensuring your product resonates with local consumers.

Chefs USA Map

Focus on Health and Budget

Founded on the principle of helping busy, budget-conscious consumers prepare healthy meals, our approach aligns perfectly with current market trends. By showcasing how your product fits into nutritious, economical meal plans, we position your brand as a solution to consumers' everyday challenges.

Wine Pairing Expertise

For wine brands, our emphasis on cooking with wine and expert pairing suggestions adds significant value. We educate consumers on how to incorporate wine into their cooking and which wines complement specific dishes, creating additional purchase opportunities and brand loyalty.

D-DAY” in Harris Teeter #353 with Chef Susan and Friends

“D-DAY” in Harris Teeter #353 with Chef Susan and ”Friends”

Multimedia Reach

Beyond in-store demonstrations, our popular YouTube channel with over 200,000 subscribers extends your brand's reach to millions of potential customers. Our Basic Knife Skills video has over 41 million views. Concise, engaging video content keeps your product top-of-mind and provides ongoing value to consumers.

Credibility and Trust

With nearly three decades of experience since our founding in 1995, ChefsUSA has built a reputation for quality and reliability. Consumers trust our chefs' recommendations, giving your brand an edge in a crowded marketplace.

Interactive Learning Experience

We don't just showcase and promote products; we teach consumers how to use them effectively. This educational approach creates a deeper connection between shoppers and your brand, increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Customized Strategies

We understand that each brand is unique. Our team works closely with you to develop tailored promotional strategies highlighting your product's strengths and aligning with your brand values.


By choosing ChefsUSA to have your product showcased and promoted your product, you're not just getting a demo service – you're gaining a partner committed to bringing your brand to life in the most effective way possible. From in-store experiences to digital content, we create multiple touchpoints that engage consumers and drive sales.

Ready to take your product showcase and promotion to the next level? Contact ChefsUSA today and let's cook up a strategy that will put your brand on every shopper's list.

Chef Mike Monahan founded Chefs USA in 1995. His company is dedicated to the simple proposition that busy, budget focused parents and professionals can prepare healthy and economical meals that are tasty and nutritious. Join Chef Mike and over 200 thousand subscribers on Youtube.

Chef Mike Monahan
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