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Hiring a top-level Chef

Why hiring a top-level Chef to demo your product can catapult your brand to the top of the food chain

Hiring a top-level chef to demo your product can catapult it straight to the top in terms of sales. Additionally, it has benefits that other forms of marketing could never attain. There’s nothing like sampling a product and the actual experience of tasing it in person that drives home how awesome it is. Especially when it’s prepared by a professional chef and paired with the proper wine. You can’t attain that through digital or traditional marketing. 

At Chefs USA, it’s all about the Info.

You only have about two minutes with a customer, so you have to be armed with some good information. That information can make a huge difference in getting those wines and food products into their shopping carts. Who is better prepared than a professional chef to point out food pairings for our wine clients? 

Hiring a top-level chef to demo your product increases sales

Some of our wine and food clients have seen a 2000% increase in sales. Why, because we set our chefs up for success ahead of time with informational talking points about our client’s products.

The video below illustrates this perfectly. 

You must “close the sale” and we do. Asking the customer to buy is the most important part. And we do it in such a way that it’s a fun experience for the customer.

Hiring a top-level chef to demo your product makes for better educated consumers.

Many customers find wines complicated, and do not want to come across as a novice. It’s a lot better to ask them what they like, so you can help them make a great selection that pairs with their wants and food pairings. After all, if it is successful, they will buy the items again and again. They will also pass on the info they have learned and experienced to their friends and family. 

The wine department can be overwhelming. A little “Info” goes a long way.

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